Spinach artichoke dip
from monica's kitchen

Here's my special recipe, let's make it together


• Kery Gold Butter for sauteeing

• 2-3 bags organic frozen chopped spinach (defrosted, drained and squeezed to remove as much liquid as possible) 

• 1 can artichoke

• 1 small jar artichoke (both can and jar of artichokes need to be drained, squeezed and cut into small pieces)

• 2 packages Cream Cheese (organic if possible)

• 1 large container Sour Cream plus 1 Small- Medium container Sour Cream (organic if possible)

• Grated fresh parmesan cheese

• Pink Himalayan Salt

• Pepper

• Garlic Powder 



Saute the spinach and artichokes for 20 minutes, stirring frequently.

Once spinach and artichokes are sauted well add in the following ingredients 1 at a time and mix in well before adding the next.


Add the cream cheese and sour cream.

Once all above are mixed (very) well mix in a quality Parmesan or Parmesan Italian mix cheese.   I like the flavors of organic cheeses so I use only organic. 


This is where you can use your favorite cheeses.. 

Add these as you are stirring:
Pink Himalayan Salt
Garlic Powder 

Use PLENTY of butter in the beginning to saute and keep low heat so butter does not burn.

Stirring often is important for all to melt and blend well.

Don't rush this EASY recipe 

Best to cook in an over sized pot with lid.. storing overnight in same container and heat on stove -slowly -when ready to serve.

Microwaves can ruin the flavors so avoid if possible. 

Transfer to a nicer glass container if you are serving for company. 

Serve with Organic Blue Chips, Hawaiian Rolls & Veggies are perfect for a more 'Keto-ish' dish 

Save leftovers and enjoy with chicken !!!